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New Zealand
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The Playground Bubble Soccer

The most entertaining game of soccer you will ever play, as this is soccer with a twist! 

-Participants are inside inflatable zorb-like balls which makes scoring goals difficult to say the least, particularly while being rolled, bowled and generally shunted all over the show. With the amount of laughter this game generates, goals scored won’t be the only scores to be settled! This activity is must do for your group while in Queenstown.

-We can cater each group's game to suit the group. Whether it's a group of mates having a laugh or a family just wanting to try something new.

-We have bbq faculties that you can use free of charge.  We have zero alcohol policies.

On arrival to our carpark customers will take a short woalk up to our reception building. Customer are given a safety briefing before going out onto the field to play. Bubble Soccer lasts for approximately 1 hour.


We have free transport available for all groups.

No minimum numbers required.

We operate 8am to 8pm September to April, and 8am to 6pm May to August. We are open everyday other than Christmas Day. 

-In winter our location is very cold on a cold day so bring your warm clothes.

-In summer it gets pretty hot on site so we recommend bring a hat please.

-We encourage all customers to stay hydrated so you are welcome to bring a water bottle along.