In celebration of our Christmas Party packages for 2016 we have done a little research on the old time tradition of the countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar! As the years have passed the standard or the Advent Calendars has really taken off and we thought we would share the Top 10 Legendary Calendars with you!

10 Most Legendary Advent Calendars

1. Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Everyone has an inner nerd and that inner nerd has a love for Star Wars, a very good friend of ours posted each day in December 2015 with the new Lego Star Wars scene, it was totally awesome and we waited everyday for his new Lego creation!


2. Do it yourself Booze Advent Calender

Christmas can really send people broke with the presents, dinners, drinks, all those social events add up. his guy wasn’t spending anything extra on making his calender, but still gets a nice little surprise everyday.


3. Sexy Pin Up Girls Deck of Cards Advent Calendar

We like old school and it doesn’t get more old school than this! Who ever said you had to wear nothing to be sexy?! Epic idea!


4. The Wine Drinkers Dream Advent Calender

Christmas time can be extremely hectic for some people, we know when you have had one of those hectic days its a bottle kind of day!


5. Cadbury Trucks Real Life Advent Calender

What is better than a Cadbury Chocolate advent calender? A life size Cadbury advent Calender, those trucks would be filled with soooo much chocolate goodness!


6. The Beauty Queen Advent Calender

Ladies we all like gifts so a gift a day seems like a pretty good deal to me! Most of the time these little bottles end up just sitting around randomly in your bathroom, but damn they cute!


7. The Condom Advent Calendar 

For those who think they are going to get really, really lucky over the Christmas Season, good luck!


8. The Stoners Advent Calendar

For the stoners out there, it would be ideal to have a chocolate calendar come with this, just for when those munchies kick in!


9. The Detox Advent Calendar

If you feel like you need to end your year with a monthly tea detox go for it or if the social calendar of Christmas is requiring some balance with the alochol that makes sense to.


10. The Pop Up Santa Claus Classic Advent Calendar

For the people that just want to pop up their Christmas House and wait for Santa!


Christmas is the one time of year you don’t need an excuse to be silly, it’s a time to catch up with old friends & do the family visits and it’s a time to eat, drink & be merry! Check out our Christmas Party Ideas in your City of choice, we have chosen the best venues, fun and unique ideas and of course chucked some bar tabs on for you, or you can even build your own party!

If you have seen or heard about any out there Advent Calenders let us know and Merry Bloody Christmas!