The people of the Northern Territory love to get on the piss… A lot. And as a result some pretty wild shit happens! On top of that their statewide newspaper loves to make it front page news. For our entertainment of course!

Below are the Best 14 NT News Headlines

1. Kevin, the horny ghost. A woman convinced there is a horny ghost haunting her house.

2. The NT News take on a fight between a famous billionaire and TV executive.

3. A croc almost makes it to the bar at a country tavern, but is bailed up by 3 blokes in the parking lot.

4. Badass.

5. Dude tries to impress his visiting mates by lighting a firecracker that was wedged up his bum.

6. A dog with a fetish.

7. An angry neighbour puts a trespass notice on a cow in Humpty Doo.

8. Topless babe on a mission.

9. Shocking Story.

10. A Bucks party gone right!

11. Nuff said.

12. Big night boys?

13. Dead woman sent bill of $1600 to clean up her yard..

14. A “well endowed” Kangaroo stalks women in an NT town looking for some fun.

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