5 things that would happen if same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia!

1. There will be more parties

Who doesn’t want more parties in Australia? Engagement Parties, Wedding Showers, Bucks & Hens Parties, Weddings. A party is a party, people!


2. More people will be able to “put a ring on it”

More Aussies will be able to relate to Beyonce and put a ring on it. Who doesn’t want to relate to Beyonce?!


3. More girls will get to live their dream of wearing a white dress

A dream is a dream, girls.

wedding Dress

4. Wedding Suppliers will boom

Introducing a boom in the wedding business market. We will book more parties, wedding planners will have more weddings to plan, florists will sell more flowers, cake artists will make more cakes.


5. We’ll catch up to New Zealand

No Aussie wants to be behind our Kiwi neighbours on anything. Theres not much we can do about the Rugby, but this one takes no skill.