Last Updated on January 15, 2021

Joint Bucks and Hens Party Ideas (2021)

We are 100% supporters of joint Bucks and Hens parties! Sometimes called a Sten Party or Hucks Party. A good mix of guys and gals calls for an amazing party and time together.

Whether you want to start the day apart and join together for evening festivities or spend the entire celebration together, we have the absolute best joint Bucks and Hens party ideas!

The best options to suit both groom & bride-to-be plus all the Bucks and Hens party guests. Let us plan your joint Hens and Bucks and we promise you the most hassle-free events and the absolute best deals!

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1. Boat Party

For our absolute most recommended joint Bucks and Hens party celebration, get the gang together on your own private boat party charter! Available right across Australia, New Zealand & Bali and endless options, inclusions, add ons & more.

Drinks packages or BYO, food catering, entertainment, DJ, Island cruise or party boat charter, whatever your location & desires we have something to suit you!

Some Hucks Party groups still want to include some sexy adult entertainment, perhaps even both male and female waiters + even shows! Ask us about entertainers who are happy to work & perform for both sex groups.

To get you started check out our Bucks & Hens Private Boat Party base packages below and from here we can build the perfect Hucks package.

Adelaide / Airlie Beach / Bali  / Byron Bay / Cairns / Gold Coast / Melbourne / Perth / Queenstown / Sydney / Townsville


2. Private Function

One of the most hassle-free ways to celebrate a joint Hens & Bucks party! Get the entire group together in one place at a Private Function Venue where you can choose from endless options to make your party complete.

Pile on the food, add on a bar tab or drinks package, throw in some activities such as Poker Party for the lads and Cocktail Class for the lasses, adult entertainment, DJs, cakes and more.

Ask Us about putting together the perfect Hucks Party Private Function for you


3. Axe Throwing

For an incredibly fun activity that suits both the chicks and the dudes! A super fun, competitive and relaxing way to get everyone together for some light hearted competition.

Axe throwing is available in Bali / Brisbane / Gold Coast / Perth


4. Water Sports

Everybody likes water sports, perfect for both male or female groups. Available across Australia, New Zealand and Bali are a range of super fun water sport activities such as; Aqua Park/Aqua Land, Wake Boarding, Jet Skiing, Jet Boating, Snorkeling Trips, Kayaking, Beach Activities & more.

Get in touch to find out whats available in your location of choice


5. Golf

It’s a well known fact that everyone likes a golf day out, the lads and the lasses! For a super fun Bucks and Hens joint party get everyone out on the course, do a silly dress up, grab some beers for the way and enjoy an awesome day out on the green.

See our Bucks Party Golf Packages below to get you started

Airlie Beach / Melbourne / Queenstown / Townsville


6. Pub Crawl

What better way to suit both Bucks and Hens guests in one go then with a classic pub or club crawl. Depending on your city and group size will determine the options but options can include; Party Bus, Private Bus or Hummer/Limo hire to get you around.

Reserved spaces at bars and clubs, bar tabs, bottle service, personal wait staff. In some cities you can even jump on a pub crawl with other people meaning you instantly have a bunch of new friends to party with!

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7. Joint Strip Shows

Just because you’re joining the party, doesn’t mean you gotta miss out on the raunchy and cheeky fun! Why not treat both the Buck AND Hen to a strip show of the opposite sex?

Or some girls are happy to have just a female performer perform for everyone. Or why not make it unique with a drag queen show? We have the best adult entertainment across Australia, New Zealand and Bali.


8. Nightclub or Strip Club Packages

Perhaps you’ve had separate Bucks and Hens day activities and want to meet up later to party altogether. Why not have a hassle-free nightclub package where you can have a reserved booth or VIP area, bottle service or bar tab, personal wait staff & more.

Or why not a female strip club package that invites everyone along for a night of cheeky, sexy entertainment and VIP service. Party the night away for a joint Bucks and Hens event with a bang!


9. Paint & Sip

While the lads might initially turn their nose up at this idea, let us paint a picture for you (get it? ;) ) Get your Hens and Bucks party groups together in one cosy place where you can enjoy drinks and some classic painting with a fun instructor/host.

This activity becomes hilarious with some guests being far from Picasso! You can even opt to do Nude life drawing to really shake things up.

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Cairns Hens Party

10. Scavenger Hunt

For an adventurous, action packed and fun Hens Party activity why not try a Scavenger Hunt? You will have a customised app specially made for your group with tasks, clues, questions and built in locations of your choice. You can even make this event a pub crawl/hunt combo. The live scoreboard will get the competitive spirit pumping :)

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Scavenger Hunt Hens Party Australia

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