Your Perth Bridal Shower or the Bridal Shower you are planning for a friend, should be a truly special day of celebrating, relaxing, enjoying your groups company and having an event that suits everyone from grandma to your fave aunt. Bridal Showers differ from Hens Parties in a few ways and are a more classy affair, less penis straws and a bit more beauty.

We have the best Perth Bridal Shower venues & ideas for you below. Convinced? Check out our blog on Planning The Perfect Perth Bridal Shower

The Ultimate Perth Bridal Shower Venues, Ideas, Activities & More

Perth Bridal Shower Venues

Bridal Shower venues are different to a regular Hens Party. It is more focussed on beauty, ambience and special touches rather than the more wild or boisterous as a Hens venue should be. We have our recommended Perth Bridal Shower venues below.

Beautiful Bars – There are beautiful bars everywhere in Perth! That have incredible decor and perfect spaces for private or semi private events. For example, hire a stunning rooftop space at a Perth CBD bar where you can have gourmet food and delicious drinks included. Check out our Rooftop Bar Package

Restaurants – Perth boasts some truly incredible food and delicious dining experiences. Even some that are events in themselves, like a beautiful High Tea with free flow bubbly. Yes please! Or perhaps you are after a sit down dinner or something in the evening. Ask Us about perfect Perth restaurant venues.

Beach/Park – Yes, how about the great outdoors?! The outdoor scenery in Perth is to die for and so many months of beautiful weather. How about a stunning Boho Style Picnic set up in Kings Park or overlooking Swan River or a Beach? Check out our absolutely stunning Perth Bridal Shower Boho Picnic Package

Winery – What more could you want for a perfect Perth Bridal Shower venue than a winery?! That takes care of your delicious wines, gourmet foods and stunning scenery all in one easy location. We recommend heading to the Swan Valley for some gourmet food for lunch, wine tasting & relaxing with the ladies in style. We can even help organise your transport to get you there!


The Best Perth Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower activities and events are generally different to your regular Hens Party. They are more relaxing, more about beauty, less crowded and usually feature the best food, drinks, theme and decorations.

Flower Crown Workshop 

Boho Picnic

Winery Tour or Winery Lunch/Tastings

Deluxe High Tea


Cocktail Class

Make Up Workshop

Private Bartenders & Catering


How to plan the perfect Perth Bridal Shower

We have put together a super helpful blog on planning the perfect Perth Bridal Shower. On where to host the event, the time of year, the activities, Bridal Shower VS Hens Party and how to get it all booked.


Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal Shower’s are the perfect excuse to dress in beautiful theme! Some Bridal Shower theme ideas:

Glitz & Glam

Great Gatsby

Tea Party

Classy Pyjama Party



All White or Pink Dress Code

Everything gold & shimmery

All about flowers

Check out more inspo with 20 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

perth bridal shower high tea

We love creating truly beautiful & unique Bridal Shower events in Perth. Ask Us to help plan your dream celebration today.