What is a queen without her crown? Flower Crown Workshops are a fun, interactive event with gorgeous crowns to wear for the rest of the day or night! The fun and creative instructor/s will take you through the whole process, ensuring fun along the way! All of the equipment is included, and the event can come to you in the comfort of your home, accommodation, at a picnic, studio or function!


  • 1-2 Hour Mobile Flower Crown Workshop
  • Beautiful Selection of Fresh Flowers
  • Professional Instruction from Florist Host
  • All the Required Floristry Equipment
  • Bonus VIP club entry including fishbowl cocktail for the Hen

Just $56 per person based on 17+ ladies, $60 per person based on 12 ladies, $61 per person based on 10 ladies, and $63 per person based on 8 ladies. Alternative group sizes available on request.

**Ask us to organise a venue for you and the girls if you cannot have the party at home. Club entry must be by 10PM and available Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

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