Best Wollongong Bucks Party Ideas (2021)

Didn’t think there was much to do in Wollongong for a Bucks Party? Wrong! Check out our Top Wollongong Bucks Party Ideas. And the best part? We can take care of all the organising for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!

1. Whisky Tasting

Host your very own Whisky Tasting Masterclass package in Wollongong! The perfect Bucks Party add on or starter, this fun & interactive activity will have you become a whisky connoisseur for a day/night. The class can come to you in the comfort of your home, hotel, apartment or we can arrange a Wollongong private function venue for you!

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2. Fishing with the Lads

See who can get catch of the day! No better way to spend a Wollongong Bucks Party day out than out on the water, with a bit of healthy competition and a beer in hand. One of our most popular outdoor Wollongong Bucks Party ideas.

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3. Paintball Shooting

This needs no explanation. Shooting your mates with a paintball gun? Game on! The perfect way to start a Wollongong Bucks day with adventure, sweaty fun and a bit of light hearted competition. One of the more classic Wollongong Bucks Party ideas but always a winner.

Check out our Wollongong Bucks Party Paintball Package

Bali Bucks Party Paintball Package 2

4. Go Karting

For the big kids and young at heart. Go Karting will never get old and is always a guaranteed good time! Head out for some Go Karting action at Picton Karting to start your Wollongong Bucks Party with a bit of action. Ask us about deals and adding on transport to get you there and back. One of our Wollongong Bucks Party ideas that will start you day right.

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5. Poker Party

A Wollongong Bucks event that will impress the whole group! We can organise professional, sexy topless dealers & host to come to your venue (or we’ll organise a venue for you) with poker tables, chips, cards, accessories. Throw in some extra topless waitresses in Wollongong, a strip show and beer pong and you’ve got yourself one hell of a Poker Party! One of the best Wollongong Bucks Party ideas going.

Ask Us for a mobile poker party or see our Wollongong Bucks Party Poker & Function package

melbourne bucks night poker party

6. Private Functions

For Wollongong Bucks Party Private Functions we’ve got you covered! Create your own event with choices of venues, styles, food options, bar tabs, waitresses, throw in a poker party. Ask us about a package that will suit your group. This allows you to get the lads altogether in one easy place, have a hassle-free and totally VIP event where you won’t have to open your wallets again!

Check out our Wollongong Bucks Party Private Function package

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7. Golf

We know, just the word Golf gets you all excited! Make it a golf day out to remember. For a relaxing, but super fun start to a Wollongong Bucks weekend or day out. 

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8. Skydiving

One of the best scenic coastal Skydives in Australia is located right in Wollongong! What better way to start the most epic Wollongong Bucks Day than to throw yourselves and your Buck out of a plane! Ask us for exclusive discounted deals.

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byron bay bucks party skydive

9. In Hotel/At Home Entertainment

Spice up your at-home/in-hotel Wollongong Bucks event with some adult entertainment. The best Wollongong Topless waitresses, bikini or lingerie waitresses, strip shows (as freakay or as tame as you want it), throw in a bartender to mix your drinks while you really sit back & live up the VIP treatment!

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11. Bubble Soccer

Want to dress up in ridiculous bubble suits, laugh, be active and destroy your mates? Then Bubble Soccer is the event for you! One of the most affordable Wollongong Bucks Party ideas.

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10. Smashlab

Want to smash & break shit? Yes, don’t we all! This new, unique and fun activity in Wollongong is perfect for a Bucks Party with a lot of laughs and letting off steam! Choose what you want to smash; TVs, Printers, Photo Frames, Crockery & mystery items for the Buck, all with your own Baseball bat! We could all agree on how awesome that is and that this is one of the most unique Wollongong Bucks Party ideas.

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Just enquire with us and we can help you turn these Wollongong Bucks Party Ideas into reality!

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