This isn’t just any old celebration and should not be treated lightly. This is the ultimate send off, an excuse for you and the lads to let loose, time to try something new and have an unforgettable time for you all.

Alright so your mate is tying the knot, it’s time to start planning the bucks weekend away!

1. Ask the Buck

This can be the first and last time you involve the Buck if you prefer, but get an idea of what he wants! While it doesn’t need to be specific there are a couple of things you definitely need to decipher from the beginning. Does he want a whole weekend away? A day and night event? Or just a wild night out? Does he want female entertainment or has the missus put a no on this? Does he want some adrenaline and adventure as well as a party or just to party? Check out our best Bucks Party Ideas for some inspiration: Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas

The Ultimate Bucks Party Checklist

2. Get the invite list & create a group chat

Get your Buck to give you a list of invites asap. Start a group event or chat on Facebook or text. The sooner you can discover your approximate numbers the better. This is key to finding the best events & activities for your group size that are WITHIN your groups budget, party style and timeframe.

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3. Research Time

Its time to get some quotes together for the boys to share in your group and get feedback on whether its within budget, how many can make it if that is the chosen package, if the times suit and of course if everyone is super fucking keen for that or not. This is where we come in. Give us your approximate group size, location and an idea of what you want to do and we do all the rest. Imagine you had to contact each activity, venue, accommodation provider, entertainment company etc. and find out all the terms, group rates, special deals, if they actually allow bucks and entertainment, whats included, how it works etc. etc. – The list goes on. We’ve done all of the hard parts here so you don’t have to!

Fill in the Build a Party form and we’ll get back to you with incredible packages and the best deals

The Ultimate Bucks Party Checklist


Once you have a package everyone seems happy on, ensure its the correct quote for your group size, (or ask us to amend) and then give the boys a set RSVP date to finalise the group size. Sure this can always change later for whatever reason, but the more solid the number the less you will need to fork out if a bunch of people don’t show. The group size can affect so many opponents of your events or weekend such as accommodation capacity, boat licensing, minimum numbers and of course the per person rates.

Ultimate Bucks party

5. Time to pay up

The boys are happy with the package, you have a more solid number of attendees and have chosen the quote that’s right for you. Now its time to give the boys a set in stone payment date. Always allow time between the payment date you set and the payment date for your package to allow for any boys who are late to pay. Once you’ve locked in your event/package you can sit back and relax until the lead up to the event. If you book with us we can generally take deposits, depending how far in advance you are planning! We also take split payments for convenience ;)

Have we convinced you to book with us yet? Contact Us to get started!

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6. Check the finer details

If you booked with us there is no need for you to call around and reconfirm your package, we do all of that for you. If not, we suggest you do this before any Bucks event to ensure your inclusions, times and activities are set in stone. Check the finer print.. Do you need to pay a cash bond for any transport, boat charters or accommodation? Do you need a BAC of zero for an activity such as Paintball & Go Karting? Have everything in order before the big day and communicate it with the group, its much harder to be organised after a couple of tinnies!

The Ultimate Bucks Party Checklist

7. The Fun Stuff

What humiliating outfit are you planning to force your Buck to wear? Are you all dressing in theme? Do you have a playlist with the best tunes for your boat party or hotel event? Are you planning to prank the Buck?

Ask us about adding on some extra surprises for the day!


8. Celebrate

Now that everything is in order the celebrations can begin! Even after you’ve taken every step to ensure everything goes as planned, let it go if something falls out of place. You and the boys are guaranteed a good time either way, especially if you booked with us!


We want the planning for this weekend to be fun, hassle free and exciting, this is what we do so let us make it an unforgettable weekend/event for you and the lads! Check out our different locations and bucks party ideas! Or ask us and let’s start!