Last Updated on May 7, 2020

Whether you and the boys are going for a quite weekend retreat in the middle of nowhere or literally having tits, booze, more tits and more booze you are going to end up being a special kind of buck! We have thought of a few main stereotypical bucks that we have heard stories about or even had the pleasure of seeing, check them out below!

So it’s your bucks party and whatever you or the guys have planned (with our help of course) is going to be epic, but we are interested in seeing what type of buck you will turn into!

1. The Crazy Buck

This is the most common sort of buck we seem to come across, it is his last weekend of freedom after all so can’t really blame the guy!


2. The Idiot Buck

The buck that takes it that one step to far, crosses the line so the line is basically a dot, he is still a great kind of buck and will tell a hell of a story at the wedding!


3. The Sensible Buck

Some may call him boring, others sensible, we think if this is how you want to spend your last weekend then good on you, I am sure your mrs will be more than happy to hear about every second of the weekend.


4. The Drunk Buck

Pretty standard buck stereotype, mainly because as the buck you will be getting on it, either for 1 night, the entire weekend or even for the week leading up to the party and the week after, all depends on how much of a drunk buck you can be!


5. The Under the Thumb Buck

This buck knows what he wants, his mrs also knows what he wants, will she let him get a XXX lap dance with a cucumber slapping him in the face? Probably not but it is most likely going to happen anyway, he will probably be on his phone most of the weekend with check up text messages and video calls, he is going to be a married man after all!


6. The Chill Buck

This is the buck that just wants to roll up a big fat doobie for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he might not be a big drinker but will still have the best time ever and be totally mellow while doing it!


So what type of buck will you be?!