We love Christmas, we love the sunshine on the 25th December every year, we want a BBQ, beers for breakfast and a bloody big feed at lunch. Why not celebrate the silly season by getting your group, team, work crew together for an epic Christmas Party, we are here to plan something memorable, fun, hilarious and totally worthwhile!

See our Cairns Christmas Party page or build your own party! See some of the reasons below why Cairns is the best for partying the Christmas Season away in style!

Sunshine, Reef, Rainforest, Legendary People, Epic Nightlife, Tropical Islands, Hikes, Bikes, Bars, Beaches, the list goes on, the lifestyle in Cairns screams be here!

1. It’s Sunny!

The weather in Cairns is b.e.a.u.t.f.u.l, even when it rains it’s warm, the sunshine is why we love far north Queensland, no chance of being indoors in a place like Cairns.


2. Orphans Christmas!

A lot of the people that are in Cairns are travelling, only been around for a few years or locals, whatever reason they are here they hang together, people are very open to meeting new people!


3. The Parties 

We have planned some of the most fun and unique parties and function packages for your group, if you want something different no worries, just let us know and we will make it happen! – Check out our Cairns Christmas Party Page


4. Rainforest or Reef?

Not many places in the world you can spend half the day exploring the rainforst, camping in the jungle and then be out on the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling around tropical islands!


5. Would You Like a Bungy Jump with That?

The only place in Aus that you can jump off a tower, drink beers, or even drink beers and then jump off the tower, it’s fun, it’s adventurous and it is on a lot of people’s bucket list, no better way to tick off bungy on your bucket list than in a Santa outfit!


6. Christmas Lunch

Would you like some fresh as f*ck seafood, home made Italian food, epic Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Fish and Chips, this is actually making me hungry, the point is, food in Cairns rocks!


7. Did we Mention the Weather?

If the sun is out people are happier, proven fact, so if people are happy, Christmas is perfect.

cairns hens party fitzroy island

8. The Atmosphere

One of the big reasons people do stay around in Cairns is because they meet such legendary, happy, content people. Being in a place so great really makes you appreciate what you have at that current moment in your life!


9. Christmas Carols

Lame right? I don’t think so! Any chance to go down to the park on the esplanade on a starry night and sing old school Christmas carols sounds like a winner to us!


10. The Wake park, Cairns Zoom, Rafting, Skydiving, Friends, Families, Entertainment, Bars…

If this hasn’t been convincing enough then please choose from 1 of the 100 other activities there are in Cairns, your options are endless!


Make your Christmas the most epic Christmas! Let us help plan the best Cairns inspired Christmas Party for you and your gang, crew, work group, uni friends, family! Ask us or Build your Own Party, what are you waiting for?!