Last Updated on May 7, 2020

We have below 10 reasons why having a bucks party is a great idea, it’s hopefully a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to party with the lads for literally as long as you like, yes we have heard of week long bucks parties ;)

Just in case you needed convincing about having a bucks party!

1. Because you can!

Isn’t the first thing you think about when buying the ring “what you are going to do for your Bucks party?”, it is the mans equivalent to the wedding.

Check out all our Bucks Party Locations HERE.

beach side

2. Because we do all the hard work for you.

You literally have to get in touch with the crew here at Real Escapes, tell us your date, location, how many lads you have attending & what you want, simple, simple, simple. Start now!


3. Because it is an excuse to get all the lads together.

Life can get busy, people move away, start families or get new jobs, so it is a rare occassion to get the guys together, everyone will just be keen to see their mates.


4. Because married life is going to be very different.

The days of partying with the lads until 4:00am are pretty much over, just simply heading over to old mates house for the footy requires a written permission slip, married life is different, we all know it!


5. Because we can put together the ultimate weekend away, whatever you want to do!

Literally, whatever you want to do for your bucks party, we can put it together. Build your own party and let us do all the hard work for you.


6. Because it’s all about you.

You won’t need to take you wallet if your mates are good blokes, it’s your party which means you are the man! So choose your party wisely, or Build Your Own.


7. Because you need some epic drunk stories to tell at the wedding.

There is always the token drunk guy, the friend who is most likely to end up on cruthes, in lock up or continues on until the wedding, you need this guy in your life!


8. Because it’s been a long time since you have let loose.

We all know when you are in a serious relationship time with the guys becomes less and less, you don’t mean for this to happen, it just does, so your bucks party is your time to get loose with the lads!


9. Because it’s the only time you have an excuse to hang with naked women and get away with it.

Exactly, what other reason would your mrs let you be served by sexy topless babes and be front, row and centre for a XXX strip show? There is no other reason, this is why you have a bucks party.

We have hot, naked women available everywhere! Ask us to put together the sexiest package for you and the guys.


10. Because it is a chance to try something you haven’t done!

Bucks parties do not have to be all about drinking booze, that is a major component yes, but why not try something you haven’t done? Like jumping out of a plane, bungy jumping or go out and play an intense game of Paintball, the options are endless! Check out our Cairns Bucks Bungy Package if you are feeling game.


The next step? Start the planning, ask us to put together your ultimate bucks weekend with the lads!