We have below your must-haves for Christmas, you still have a few days to get organised so thought this checklist might make it all a little easier to tick those last minute jobs you have off the list!

It’s almost that time and we just want to make sure you are ready for your Christmas!

1. The People you Love

Whether it be family, friends, your dog, cat, hamster, make sure you tell those around you how grateful you are to have them around!


2. Alcohol

It is a given on Christmas, beer for breakfast, champagne for lunch and spirits if you are still going in the afternoon! Whatever your plans for Christmas make sure you have stock!


3. Christmas Carols

You only have to listen to them for 1 more day, then it is finally over…until next December.


4. The Presents

Your gifts do not need cost you your yearly wage, the saying “it is the thought that counts” is the best thing to remember on Christmas day!


5. Food

Yum, Yum, Yum! Enjoy what you have on your table and always be thankful, a lot of people are not as lucky to have a table full of beautiful food!


6. Christmas Crackers

It is bound to happen on Christmas morning, your little sister, cousin, your friend, someone is going to come up to you and ask you to pull the other end of the Christmas cracker! Then you get to wear the stupid paper hats until it “accidentally” rips or falls off your head,


7. Your Christmas Outfit

Whether it is a hat, full santa outfit, socks or even a shitty christmas sweater, wear something for Christmas!


8. Your Afternoon Nap Location

You have drank, eaten, drank some more and it is nap time, everyone is full, happy and really bloody tired! So wherever your nap location I am sure it will be great!



Remember those who are not so lucky on Christmas, it is a very lonely time for a lot of people, so be thankful for what you have and remember those who are less fortunate than you and your family and friends.