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Welcome to Real Escapes

Want the best time of your life? It starts right here.

Why should you book Real Escapes?

√ We are partayyyy people! Would you trust a dentist with bad teeth? Hairdresser with bad hair? Nuff said.
√ We are organised control freaks. Group trips and events require planning down to the finest detail. Leave it to the freaks to cover that!
√ We speak a couple of languages; Party, English, Aussie & Kiwi. We’re booking FUN for you, so we have fun throughout the whole process.
√ We have spent years trialling the best venues, activities, boats & functions to bring you only the BEST that is on the market.
√ We book in bulk which means we generally have the best deals, offers and specials on the market.
√ We take care of all the hard parts so you can have all the fun.

What do we want?

√ For you to experience the best time of your life! That is all.

How does it work?

√ Check out our packages and grab them as is. Or ask us to customise or completely build your event from scratch
√ Tweak until we’ve created your dream event/trip.
√ Lock in with a deposit.
√ Pay the balance shortly before your event.
√ We give you all the details, you go and have the fun.

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