10 Reasons to Have Your Bucks Party in Bali

Bali, the land of Beaches, Bintangs & Adventures. Where almost anything goes. Have your Bucks Party in Bali where it’s cheap & cheerful and a trip you’ll never forget!

We’ve been on the ground in Bali testing out all of the cocktails, finding the coldest Bintangs, trying out the epic adventures so we can bring you the best, hassle-free Bali group packages imaginable.

We can literally do it all, apart from the happy ending!

1. Bucks Party in Bali – Its cheap!

Obviously Bali is known for being a super cheap destination within easy reach to most Australian cities. Imagine you had more cash in the kitty to spend on beers, activities & pimping accommodation?


2. It gives your mates a holiday too!

Your lads won’t mind spending the cash on going for a Bucks Party in Bali because it means a holiday/getaway for them too. And a sure way they don’t have to bring along their missus and kids ;)


3. Less rules!

While strippers & drugs aren’t legal in Bali, pretty much anything else goes. And unlike a lot of Australian companies scared of wild Bucks Parties, the Balinese never say no to hosting your group or party!


4. The adventures are endless!

Have an Bucks Party activity in mind? No doubt its available in Bali! Golf, Dirt Bike Tours, Private Boat Charters, White Water Rafting, Quad Biking, Flowrider, Cliff Jumping, Jet Skiing, Surfing, Paintball & much, much more is all at your fingertips. And did we mention affordable?


5. The Beach Clubs.

Yes, this is a whole reason in itself! Bali hosts tons of the best Beach Clubs in the world. Try out the famous Single Fin Sunday Session, head to Potato Head Beach Club for sunset, party the day away at Finns in Canggu. Most clubs feature pools, swim up bars, incredible international DJ’s, gourmet food and a abundance of drinks. Not to mention FULL of babes.


6. You’ll feel like royalty.

Without having to sell a kidney you can imagine you are royalty for your Bali Bucks Party getaway. Hire out a pimping villa, reserve VIP areas at beach clubs, nightclubs & bars, have your own private driver & transport to chauffeur you around, make every meal out a 3 course dinner, buy a whole new wardrobe, do whatever your royal arse pleases!

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7. Bragging rights.

How many people in this world get to have their Bucks Party in Bali? Personally we’d probably brag about it for the rest of our lives. You can too!


8. Its a party every day.

Unlike your typical places only being “good” on a weekend, Bali parties EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Wanna party on a Tuesday? Sure. Want to repeat it on a Wednesday? Why not!


9. Even the hangovers are delightful.

Where else in the world can you be hungover out of your mind and retreat to a spa for a day of cheap massages & pampering to cure your hangover? Get put on an IV drip to bring you back to life? Go to a Barber and have your hair cut, face shaven all with a cold beer in hand? Where you can back it up at any time of the day and the atmosphere will snap you right out of it. Bali is where.


10. Your missus won’t catch you with another girls boobs in your face.

Having your Bucks Party at home could mean you’ll run into the missus, her friends or your mad Aunt whilst out on the town or round at your mates place with a stripper doing her thing. Have your Bucks Party in Bali means you’re pretty unlikely to run into anyone you know!


You definitely now have a lot of reasons to celebrate your Bucks Party in Bali!

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