Last Updated on December 2, 2020

8 Perfect Bali Hens Party Planning Tips (2021)

There is absolutely no doubt that Bali is the most incredible Hens Party destination! But due to there being SO much on offer, so many new & exciting venues and a lot to know for your planning, we’ve compiled these Bali Hens Party Tips to help you plan the best Hens in Bali imaginable!

But first, check out our best Bali Hens Party Ideas for inspiration!

1. Gather your RSVP’s

Bali Hens Parties are either quite large with the wedding being in Bali or small for if the Bali trip is a dedicated Hens Party getaway.

The first step is to gather your RSVP list to get a decent idea on the group size attending. The amount of ladies in your group will determine what activities will be most affordable, most feasible and accommodating to suit this.

But don’t worry, you don’t need the EXACT final number to get planning. Just start with a rough idea!

Check out our best Bali Hens Party Ideas to see what would suit your group size.


2. Discover

Discover what is on offer in Bali for your Hens Party celebrations! There is literally tons and something for every type of bride, all age groups and styles.

Is your bride-to-be a huge party person or prefer to keep things low key? Is her Mum and Grandma attending? Are all attendees able to do a full day & night event or only the day or night?

We always recommend at least one day and one night event for the perfectly complete Hens Party Bali! For example; Combine a Pamper Party with a Beach Club Sunset Package. Combine a Beach Club Package with Motel Mexicola for a late night party! Have a Villa Party and then hit the town.

See our Best Bali Hens Party ideas blog for more!

Bali Hens Party Ideas

3. Work out the logistics

Where is everybody staying in Bali? Full day, affordable and fun transport can be organised to get you from start to finish & everything in between for your Bali Hens Party.

When we plan a Bali Hens Party full day with transport we KNOW to allow for Bali traffic, which locations are more prone to traffic, we also know that there are always a few ladies who lag behind and can hold the group up.

Its perfectly fine and expected, but we ensure enough time is allowed so not to rush or miss out on anything! Get an idea of where your ladies are starting and finishing and then the bits in between can be arranged.

Ask Us for the perfect itinerary for your group.


4. Plan

We are not saying you must plan your Bali Hens Party with us, but we can guarantee you will not regret it! We have tested, trialled, tasted and experienced all that Bali has to offer (that’s worth knowing about) for the perfect Hens Party! Check out our ideas here. 

Nail down what you want to do, the itinerary and the package. THEN present that completely to the ladies to get it all locked in.

Sometimes you need to be firm.. If every single person in your group has an opinion on every tiny detail you will never get anything locked in.

We can offer perfectly presented packages & itineraries that you can post in your invite groups.

cairns bucks party

5. Deposit time

Sooner rather than later get your package locked in with a deposit. Exact final numbers do not need to be determined, but you should be locking in your venue, boat, activity etc. as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Remember some venues just have one function space, one salon for nails, one boat you can book for the day. We can provide you with different rates for different group sizes so its clear what everyone is in for if the number changes and no surprises later!

Once you have locked in your event you can relax and have time before your balance & final numbers will be due, generally 2-3 weeks prior to your Bali Hens Party event.

bali hens party

6. The finer details

What else are you planning to have for the Bali Hens Party?

Themes – Most Hens Parties do like to have a theme for the day & night. This is a super fun add on to any party and is also perfect for those Insta-worthy pics! Do you want to stick to a colour? Tropical party shirts? Or a complete costume theme?

Decorations – Most venues in Bali are beautifully decorated meaning you don’t need to go all out with decorations. However some decorations for certain events are the perfect addition. For example having some balloons and banners for a villa party is highly recommended.

Accessories – Penis straws? Giant penises? Have a little fun with this and make sure you embarrass your Hen just a little!

*We recommend purchasing all decorations & accessories in Australia or other countries prior to travel to Bali. These are limited in Bali and can be costly, depending on what you need.

For example; we can offer balloons, custom cakes, projectors for photos, lighting etc.

sydney hens party

7. Balance time

Before your balance is due for your booked Bali Hens Party give your group plenty of notice to get payments arranged. Set a firm date and then you will also have your final confirmed group size to finalise with the venues (or us!).

Find out some finer details such as dietary requirements, set final pick up points, times for your events & more. This is the time to ensure everything is in perfect order!

Once you then have everything finalised post all details to your group so everything is transparent and clear. The number one goal is to make everything run smoothly on the day!

bali hens party

8. Party time!

If you have followed and planned your event to a tee, you can then sit back, relax and enjoy the Bali Hens celebrations on the day!

The last thing you want is to run around on the special day so we cannot stress enough how important the planning process is. The more details, the better!

We can ensure your event is planned perfectly and we can almost guarantee it will go off without a hitch! Get in touch today if you want to plan the perfect Bali Hens Party with us!

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Tips for your Bali Hens Party

While Bali can almost feel like a Western world remember it is not. Some things run a little differently to Australia, New Zealand & other more developed countries.

We have some tips below you can share with your Hens groups to ensure things run smoothly on the day and there are no disappointing surprises.

  • Always carry some cash – just in case there is an issue with an Eftpos machine, ATM or if you would like to tip a driver or waiter.
  • Be patient! The island-time vibe is real in Bali and the Balinese are known for being relaxed and taking things a little easy. While we ensure we book venues with fantastic service, expecting a little bit of a delay will always avoid disappointment on the day.
  • Be prepared for dietary requirements – While we book venues with knowledge and experience with dietary requirements, we recommend you carry an explanation in the local language just in case!
  • Tipping – While tipping is not compulsory in Bali, it is very widespread, welcomed & common. There is no expected tipping amount and only tip when you are satisfied with the service. Remember that Balinese wages are very low and tips are extremely appreciated by them.
  • Dress codes – There are virtually no dress codes in Bali whatsoever. Some late night venues may prefer men wear shirts rather than singlets, females are very free in what they can wear (including shoes.)

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What we recommend

To get you started on some ideas, below we have what we recommend based on group sizes & styles. This is just an idea, so contact us if you want to know more!

For small groups of 6-10 – Pamper Party, High Tea, Full Day Boat Charter (small boat), Floating Brunch, High Tea, Motel Mexicola, Beach Club Sunset.

For large groups 30+ – Private Boat Charter (large boat), Private Function, Beach Club Crawl, Villa Party, Motel Mexicola, Axe Throwing.

For the laid back, non-party Hen – Pamper Party, High Tea, Axe Throwing, Beach Club Cocktail Class.

Kid friendly – High Tea, Pamper Party, Beach Club Sunset, Axe Throwing

For the real party Hen – Drag Cabaret, Villa Party, Motel Mexicola, Beach Club Crawl, Sunset Boat Charter Party

Check out our Bali Hens Party packages to get you started!


We can make your Bali Hens Party Ideas into a reality!

See some pre-made Bali Hens Party packages here. We can also custom make a Bali Hens Party to suit you & your group! Ask Us

And also check out Bali Boho Co for beautiful picnic set ups and packages!