Last Updated on July 29, 2020

Everything you need to know about Bali Strippers, Waitresses, Waiters and Adult Entertainment Services

As event planners in Bali specialising in Bucks and Hens Parties, we are asked this question frequently. Can we have strippers, topless waitresses and topless waiters? As well as requests for Western waitresses. Here is all you need to know about Bali adult entertainment, strippers, waitresses & everything between.

Bali Adult Entertainment – Whats illegal

Indonesia has very strict laws for adult entertainment in their country that are met with equally as strict penalties, or very hefty “fines” to get out of it. Stripping and any form of nudity (including boobs) is illegal in Bali. This might come as a surprise considering the island is well known for “happy endings” and prostitution. We are NOT saying that strippers and waitresses are not accessible in Bali, but we ARE saying it is illegal.

When you book an event in Bali with us, we will never book you any element involving nudity. This is not just for your safety, but for ours too. Risking our entire company, life and staff jobs in Bali for this is not worth it on our opinion.

When doing a quick Google search about Bucks Party Strippers in Bali, you’ll find this article among many others. Is this how you would like your dream event & trip to end? Or worse, in Kerobokan Prison. Here we explain all you need to know about Bali Adult Entertainment.


Bali Adult Entertainment – Whats legal

Its not all doom & gloom! What is legal in Bali for these events is an array of fantastic entertainment. Male Topless Waiters, Female Bikini Waitresses, Lapdances & “Sexy” Dances (with no nudity) plus other performances and adult staff to entertain.

Please note that ALL staff in Indonesia must either be Indonesian or have a valid working permit for Indonesia (which is quite difficult.) So if you are offered Western bikini & topless waitresses it is highly (almost guaranteed) likely that they are also not legally working in Bali. Which can also create problems for you.

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Bali Adult Entertainment – So, what are our options?

Majority of Bucks, Hens, Bachelor Parties & more in Bali do want some form of entertainment to spice up the day or night. And you should! Here you can see what Bali adult entertainment is legal and available for you.

Bikini Waitresses – Indonesian Bikini Waitresses are there to serve and entertain. They are skimpily dressed, but no nudity involved. They are fun & willing to serve, they can swim with you, dance, serve drinks & just flirt & entertain.

Hostesses – Hostesses are very similar to the bikini waitresses, but are generally of a higher end, that little bit “sexier” and sassy.

Topless Waiters – Indonesian Topless Waiters are a great addition to your party and we’ve source some of Indo’s best babes to serve & mix drinks, flirt, dance, entertain and hang out with the ladies, paying extra attention to the bride-to-be.

Male Lapdance – So incredibly fun and entertaining! Exactly the same as a regular strip show, just without the nudity (and lets face it ladies, do we ever really want that anyway?) We can arrange this at villa parties, on boats and even some beach clubs. Highly recommended!

“Sexy” Dancers – Just like having a Bali stripper, without the nudity, these female entertainers perform a “sexy” dance as the Indonesians call it. All legal and a little bit of added spice.

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Bali Adult Entertainment – What about something a little different?

Perhaps you are not keen on a “sexy” dance. How about something a little different to spice up your celebration?

Dragqueens – We have on hand some of the islands best and most babin drag queens. Super popular for Hens Parties in Bali and super, super fun!

Other Dances – We can organise a range of dance performances in Bali to come to you. Some on offer; Balinese Dancing, Fire Dancing, Belly Dancing, LED Light Dances, Samba, Cabaret & more!

Bali Bucks Party Prank Surprise – Without having the usual stripping available we have come up with some super fun and hilarious replacements. But these ones we want kept secret from your group & groom-to-be so Contact Us for more info.


We are a team of Aussies & Indonesians making up the perfect combo for your perfect Bali event. We can literally do it all! Hit our Build a Party  page to get in touch for an obligation free quote! We can add some Bali Adult Entertainment to your event that is safe and legal. 

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