Last Updated on July 29, 2020

We bring to you the best Bali Boat Party options to suit your group size, style, celebration & budget

Organizing a Bali Boat Party can be overwhelming! There are a lot of boats you may find online that have different facilities, can cater for different group sizes, depart different harbours, are suited to a certain style of event.

It can be extremely hard to navigate through. That’s what we are here for! We have searched, scoured and trialled the best Bali Boat Party options for you.

Whether its a Bali Birthday Party, Bucks or Hens Party, Corporate Affair, Retreat Activity or a Group Getaway, we have narrowed it all down for you! Want a quote for your Bali Boat Party? Contact Us now

Sunset Bali Boat Party

Sunset time is Bali’s most popular and incredible time of the day! Being outdoors is necessary during this time while the sunset lights up the sky! And what better way to really experience this than on your own Bali Boat Party? 

Dance, celebrate, eat, drink and be merry with your friends, family or co-workers with an experience you won’t forget! For groups up to 35 we have incredible and affordable catamaran cruises perfect for you, departing Serangan Harbour and running for a perfect 4 hours over sunset.

Larger groups for up to 120 people, we have a truly stunning, incredible wooden yacht that is a luxurious treat for everyone.

For smaller groups from 2-18 people we can organise a classic Balinese jukung boat to sail you around the Jimbaran Harbour and coastline.

Whatever your Sunset Bali Boat Party needs, we can make it happen for you! Get in touch for a free quote 


Full Day Island & Snorkel Bali Boat Party Cruises

If you want to really treat your group then set sail for a full day Bali Boat Party from the mainland out to the Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida Islands. Itineraries are flexible and best determined by the captain on the day to suit the tides and weather conditions, making the most out of your time!

Some of the places you can/may visit Mushroom Beach, Snorkeling at Lembongan Surf Beach, Fishing at Blue Corner, stop and visit Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Cenigan Islands.

Take a lunch and beer break at a restaurant in Lembongan or have your lunch catered for on board. Some boats are BYO booze and food, some are all inclusive. And there are boats available for all group sizes!

Ask Us about our incredible Bali Boat Party Full Day Cruises


Bali Boat Party Overnight Trips

Perhaps you have more time than one day and a nice budget to splurge, and would like to set off on an overnight or a few nights Bali Boat Party liveaboard trip. There are surfing, fishing and sailing options available for different group sizes.

Go to sleep under the stars, wake up on the water, maximise your time being in the water and taking in the incredible views. A once in a lifetime experience!

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BaliBucksPartySunsetBoat party

Bali Boat Party Add-Ons

The add-on options for your Bali Boat Party are endless! Whatever your needs we can make it happen for you. Check out some of our ideas to make your Bali Boat Party totally complete and inclusive!

  • Food catering – endless options
  • Private Bartenders & Wait Staff
  • Drinks Packages, Cash Bar or Drink Options
  • Festoon or Fairy Lights
  • Decorations, Flowers
  • Custom made Cakes, Donut Towers & other desserts
  • Performances; Fire Dancing, Drag Queens, Balinese Dancing, Belly Dancing & more
  • Live singers, bands or DJ on board!
  • Shisha Hire
  • Floaties Hire
  • Jet Ski Activity (pull up and ride!)
  • & everything in between
Bali Hens Boat Party Private Charter

Bali Boat Party Packages

When it comes to events, and especially in another country, you want everything to be totally hassle-free, yet VIP. We know! We can and have pre-made incredible packages for your Bali Boat Party charters to get you started.

From here we can add/change/alter/remove until we have tweaked it to make your dream event a reality! Check out our Bali Hens Party Sunset Boat Charter or our Bali Bucks Party Sunset Boat Charter

Or our Full Day Bucks Party Private Boat Cruise or our Full Day Hens Party Private Boat Cruise

These are not just for Bali Hens, Bachelorette, Stag & Bucks, but can be suited to your Bali Birthday Party, Christmas Party or Corporate Event, Retreat Activity or any other celebration imaginable!


Bali Boat Party Vessels

Whatever style of boat you want for your Bali Party, we can make it happen! We have spacious, stable catamaran boats that are perfect for your full day or sunset cruising.

We have smaller boats that are fantastic for a full day cruise to Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida islands, an intimate day out with incredible crew and all of the facilities you need. We have luxury cruises that are made of your wildest dreams. There are giant, luxury, pirate style yachts for bigger groups.

Or a traditional Balinese jukung to really keep with the Bali theme. Whatever it is you want for your Bali Boat Party, we have it for you!


Why you need a Bali Party Planner for your Bali Boat Party

While we already know we are the best event planners in Bali, here we can break it down to you on why you need us for your next party!

  • Planning a Boat Party is difficult anywhere in the world! But logistically Bali can be more difficult.
  • We have tested and trialed and sourced a range of Bali Boat Party companies that are reliable, on time, provide what you are expecting and are not going to leave you stranded or ripped off.
  • Language Barrier. If you do not speak the local language, while most Balinese in hospitality & tourism speak English, there are always language barriers that we can avoid with our Indonesian speaking staff.
  • We have the best Bali Boat Party deals! We have spent years working on our deals in Bali that are exclusive to us, affordable for you and the most value.

We’d love to help make your Bali Boat Party dream a reality. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote!


Want more ideas for a Bali Party? Check out our Bali Party Planner blog to get you started.